There was a time getting traffic to your website or product was a complete challenge and possibly nightmare. You simply had to have a lot of money or employ a lot of smart people; either way you could be spending a lot on a marketing budget. It’s becoming a major marketing shift to note that traffic is becoming a commodity that can be purchased at any time.

At the time of this article, I am running an online advertisement campaign on Facebook that I spend £5 daily on. This advert has generated an average of 5 new prospects to my offer every single day which is approximately £1 per prospect. Now in the past it would probably cost me a lot more than £1 to attract a prospect to my offer; this in itself is having a huge positive impact on marketing, however only people who know the trick to such advertising can benefit.

So in itself, traffic is not the issue but what you drive the traffic to. Conversion is the main issue. You need to understand the triggers that get people to buy and that ultimately results in sales.

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